November 25, 2009 cupcakebunny

I haven’t gotten a cavity in a while, but one showed up recently in an x-ray. Have you ever had a cavity and they had to fix it?  Yup, they usually numb your mouth with Novocaine. I used to think they were like a combination of scissors and pliers, and they just did a pinch in your mouth for something.

Anyways, when they inject it into your mouth, it hurts like mad. At least to me it does. It blocks out the nerves that sense pain, so your mouth gets numb for several hours.

Mine was injected in the bottom left side of my mouth. The lip area near that area of course felt puffy, and I couldn’t whistle during that time.

After the numbness went away, half of the bottom lip was extremely warm. Whenever I ate something that part of it would make the food feel warm and the other side would feel it normal.

I tried it with a spoon. I just rested it on my lips, and one side of my mouth started to feel heat, and the other was fine.

I don’t think it was anything serious, however. I’m pretty glad I had Novocaine to take. I’ve never had a cavity fixed without it, and I sure hope I never do.

When getting a cavity filled, they also put a “rubber dam” in your mouth. The part that grips your tooth hurts a lot on my tounge whenever I shallow. And given that whenever I think about shallowing/trying not to shallow, I usually do. Ow.

What’s your worst experience getting a cavity filled?


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  • 1. Fishyhead14  |  November 28, 2009 at 9:42 AM

    surprisingly, ive never had cavities, even though i barely brush my teeth and didn’t go to the dentist until 5th grade.

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