cake of the week-one

Week of March 14th, 2010.


Cake created by Rebekah Foster.

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one thousand cranes:part one

I have recently created a 千羽鶴, known as a Senbazuru, although it’s more commonly known as the 1000 crane project.

Time it Took to Complete: 20 days

Kit: $16.99

  • # of Paper: 1020 Sheets
  • Beads
  • String

I constantly folded cranes for about 16 days. The last four days, I made about half of the cranes. I would make them everywhere. The car, school, and on the weekends when I was done with homework.

They aren’t in chains yet. However, here is what I have completed so far!


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origami cakes

I made some interesting origami cakes lately.

Row One: Full Strawberry Creme Cake

Row Two: Tri-Cake

Row Three: Cheese Cake

Row Four: Chocolate Cake


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Rubik’s Cube

Some of you know that I am able to solve a Rubik’s Cube. It actually didn’t take me very long; I worked on it one weekend and just learned it.

 I had a very bad cube to learn it on however, as it was very stiff and is very bad for speed cubing! This Christmas I got a new Rubik’s Cube. It’s white and is very nice.

It is actually very simple, the beginner method. I learned in Fall 2009 with two videos by a man named Dan Brown. He has a YouTube account, PogoBat, and his video for how to solve a Rubik’s Cube won an award for best YouTube Instructional video of the year 2007.

You can go out and buy a Rubik’s Cube, they’re around ten dollars. Here are Dan’s videos.

Dan Brown has updated his entire Rubik’s guide. I did NOT learn with the updated one. If you want the updated guide, I don’t know if it’s any better, but here’s the main video. Of all his guide links are in the sidebar of the video.

Good luck!

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thirteen plus one

Of course you guys know me, I love the Winnie Series. (Also called the Eleven Series.)  Well guess what? New book!

It comes out May 4th in hardcover.

From Lauren’s blog:

Speaking of Thirteen Plus One (which comes out on May 4th, for those who have been asking), Cinnamon tries to get Dinah to go to a teen nudist camp and be the teen nude ambassador. Does Dinah accept or decline? I’ll never tell.

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wii sports resort review

Lately my brother and I received the game Wii Sports Resort.

It comes in a boxed case, a Wii Motion Sensor, and the game, at an average price around $40-50.

I would probably give this game 7.5/10 because it has amazing graphics, fun gameplay, and it’s cleverness. Some things I didn’t like were that it only came with one Wii Motion sensor, therefore you cannot play two players unless you buy another one.

However, it’s a game to play with your family or by yourself.

The Activities:






Table Tennis



Power Cruising



Air Sports*


island flyover


*Air Sports contains three games: Island Flyover, Sky Diving, and Dogfight.

 It all takes place on their created island, Wuhu Island, and all the activities take place there! The locations of the games all kind of intertwine with each other, too, which I quite like.

My brother’s favorite game is either the basketball or the Island Flyover. I really enjoy the Island Flyover, and the wakeboarding.

Photo Credits

In Order Top to Bottom

All Activities Pictures*




*Dog Fight:



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starting to love anime and manga

I’m starting to like anime and manga a lot. I just started though, but I’m pretty sure I’ll like it for a while.

I’ll be keeping an anime list, thanks to my friend Tina for sending the list to me. You can track my progress, and I’ll always have when it was last updated, on the page.

Special A, photo credit:

I find that it’s a lot more interesting than regular T.V. Of course, most of them also have their own mangas. (Actually, many came from the mangas.) The mangas are usually always a continuous story that doesn’t really end, but the animes usually stop after one or two seasons.

And yes, they are usually in Japanese, but it’s not like you can’t understand it, right? 🙂

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capri sun bag home-made

I created a Capri-Sun bag for a Trash-to-Treasure project at school.

Here is what I used.


  • Capri-Sun pouches
  • Stapler + Staples
  • Scissors

picture captions

they go left to right, then on to the next row

  • first side
  • bottom
  • first side & bottom together
  • two sides +bottom [not able to see bottom]
  • two sides + bottom , inside view
  • one strap
  • both straps put on with two sides +bottom
  • both straps put on with three sides + bottom
  • inside pouches
  • three sides + bottom + two straps two inside pouches
  • four sides + bottom + two straps + two  inside pouches

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i don’t have turkey

This Thanksgiving I didn’t eat Turkey. Actually I’ve been doing this for a long time, but I never knew it.

I’ve been eating duck.

My mom told me that actually that she likes duck a lot better, [and since we’re having a bunch of our friends over] she says that Chinese people like to eat duck more than Turkey. [I sure hope that’s not a Hasty Generalization]

You know what though? It tastes a little funny. It tastes a bit undercooked. Turkey tastes more moist, if you know what I mean. I’m pretty sure I’ve tasted turkey [turkey turkey, not turkey in sandwiches] sometime in my life, because I’ve been to other Thanksgiving parties, although they were Chinese parties. So how would I know?

picture credit:

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About 2012.

2012 is the year that’s got everyone screaming the world’s going to end.

December 21st, 2012 [A.D.] is the conjunction of three things:

  • The Winter Solstice
  • The Crossing Point of Milky Way Equator
  • The path of the Sun

All three things will happen December 21st, 2012 at 11:11 GMT.


 Facts from [You can go there to read more about this, about the 2012 climate and how the sunspots will be increasing, and more about the intersection of the three events,and why the Mayan calendar “ended” in 2012.]




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